Zwanze Day 2016 at Lambiczoon / by shane eaton

Zwanze Day is an annual celebration held by the historic Brasserie Cantillon, in which they brew a small batch of experimental beer and release it at select locations around the world with a simultaneous keg tapping.

I had the chance to attend Zwanze Day 2016 at the only Milanese location, Lambiczoon in Porta Romana. This year, the special beer was a Framboise, a Belgian lambic beer that is fermented using raspberries. In addition there were blueberries and vanilla in the experimental beer.

The Framboise didn't disappoint - very sour with a subtle sweetness. It was very crisp and drinkable. It was so good, that I had 3 glasses of this year's Zwanze. To pair with the Zwanze, the awesome kitchen at Lambiczon prepared a delicious salamella-based burger.

Here are the photos of the event courtesy of Toney Teddy Fernandez.