Luigi Capuano, 40 years in the pizza business / by shane eaton

To celebrate 40 years in the pizza business, the great Luigi Capuano held a wonderful event at his pizzeria, Anema e Cozze in Via Orseolo. I had the great pleasure to meet all-star pizza bloggers Ezio Ponari of Io e Margherita and Franco Canna of Cornicione at the event.

Luigi along with his son Vincenzo Capuano and pizza guru Antonio Tammaro prepared hundreds of Cosacca pizzas. The Cosacca is a historic pizza from Naples that is a cross between a Margherita and a Marinara. It has pecorino, basil, tomato sauce and oregano. The Coscacca I tried was one of the best pizzas of my life! Thanks Luigi!

Here are the photos, with most of them taken by Toney Teddy Fernandez.