1930 Guest shift at 28 HongKong Street (Singapore) / by shane eaton

It's been my dream for the past few years to organize a guest shift at 28 HongKong Street for my friends at 1930 Milano.

28 HKS, which opened 5 years ago in Singapore, has redefined the drinking scene in SE Asia. In their first year, they amazingly made it into the World's 50 Best Bars list and they've remained there ever since. Now Asia's best bar, 28 HongKong street is easily the sexiest and best run cocktail bar out there. In addition, the new drink list designed by cocktail wizards Joe Alessandroni and Logan Demmy is easily 28's best yet.

Of course, there are other reasons I wanted to my bring my boys here. My lifelong friend Paul Gabie is one of the founding partners of 28 HongKong St and I couldn't be prouder of him. Since 28 first launched, there has been a boom of cocktail bars in the city-state. I travel often to Singapore for work, and I am amazed to find that each time I visit, there are at least 3 new important bars. The success of 28 has also led to the development of Proof and Company, which does craft spirits distribution in SE Asia, bartender training, and helps with new bar openings such as Charles HManhattan and Atlas, the secretive project that will be unveiled mid-January. Thanks to co-founder Spencer for giving me a preview of Proof's second bar called Crackerjack, which should open around Christmas time. Crackerjack will be hipster friendly, offering service all day long, including specialty coffee, ultrafast wifi, power outlets everywhere and quality comfort food. The most exciting part of the new bar is a private space at the back called Junior, where either Peter or Zachary will be behind the stick. The set menu of food and drinks will be completely refreshed every 6 months, with the first theme called Norma, which will focus on Agave spirits. 

With all of this excitement, I was thrilled to bring head bartender Benjamin Cavagna and up and coming talent Marco Fabbiano of 1930 to Singapore and to guest shift at Paul's bar. Below you will find the photos of our awesome weekend in Singapore with the 28 HKS family. It was very special to have my friends in Singapore enjoy the very drinks that inspired me to become ambassador for 1930.

Thanks to Joe, Logan for organizing a great event and to J.J., Charmaine, Brendon, Ashwin, Shaheera, Mary, Amber, Syafiq, Payman, Mel, Hutch, Paul, Neil, Spencer, Peter, Zdenek, Payman and the entire Proof team for their amazing hospitality. Lots of love to J.J., the awesome new house manager at 28, for putting up with my shenanigans and for recovering my beloved Ray Bans! Grazie mille a Burri e Erica per esserci stati. Vi voglio bene ragazzi!

1930 at 28 HKS


Crackerjack and Junior

Not even Peter has the keys to Proof's second bar

Not even Peter has the keys to Proof's second bar


Best of the new menu at 28 HKS

Coppertone cocktail (Plantation original dark rum, virgin coconut oil, five spice pineapple, angostura) - the perfect beach cocktail. 


Stone Fence (La Chouette cider, Appleton Estate 12 year rum, St. George Spirits spiced pear liqueur and lemon) - "I would drink 20 of these."  


The Horse with No Name  (Purasangue Tequila Blanco, Pineapple, Bell Pepper, Lime, Jalapeno, Cilantro) - a spicy and fragrant drink will blow your mind.


The Five Foot Assassin (Plantation Original Dark Rum, Mango, Lime, Allspice, Coconut Panda Cream, Nutmeg, Angostura Boba) - a Phife Dawg inspired rum slushie bubble tea. Half madness, half brilliance.