La pizza del 2018 a Milano by shane eaton

Il 2018 è stato un anno strano per le pizzerie a Milano. Ci sono state poche nuove aperture ma tante pizzerie hanno inaugurato nuove location. Ad esempio, Pizzium Viale Tunisia, Da Zero Via dell’Orso, Lievità Via Varese e Briscola Via Dogona.

La nuova apertura dell’anno è stata sicuramente Cocciuto in Via Bergognone. Complimenti a Paolo e lo staff!

La tendenza dell’anno? L’uso del forno Moretti Neapolis. Sia Cocciuto che Da Zero a Brera sfornano un’ottima pizza con questo forno elettrico.

Ecco il mio podio delle pizze migliori del 2018. 

1. Pizza del Presidente (Paolo De Simone, Da Zero Brera): Farina Caputo tipo 0+1, pomodoro Maida, parmigiano reggiano, fior di latte di Agerola caseificio "Zi Monaco", basilico fresco, olivo d’oliva EV0. Forno elettrico Neapolis.


2. Autunno 2.0 (Danilo Brunetti, Marghe Plinio): Farine Molino Quaglia Petra 3 + 0, Funghi Porcini, Fior di Latte d’Agerola, Salsiccia di Maialino Nero Casertano, Parmigiano Reggiano 30 mesi e Olio d’oliva EV biologico al Tartufo Bianco. Forno a legna.


3. Viola 1.0 (Antonio Caputo, Cocciuto): Farina tipo 0 + 1, Chips di Patate Viola, Fonduta di Caciocavallo Podolico, basilico fresco, Fior di latte km0. Forno elettrico Neapolis.


Surfer's Den winter 2019 menu by shane eaton

“Piantala” dice game. Photos by  Anastasia

“Piantala” dice game. Photos by Anastasia

Yuri Gelmini and Irene Bottura have just launched the Winter 2019 menu at Surfer’s Den called Piantala, which means “plant it” in Italian, but more commonly “shut up!”

Yuri of course isn’t asking us to be quiet, but suggests that we can learn something from plants, once again protagonists on the menu. In this clever menu, which is actually a game, you roll dice to see which of the 12 drinks you will consume. For each drink, you get a stamp. If you collect them all, you get a special pass which unlocks the mystery drink and you will have the privilege to order it whenever you visit. However, if you let someone else use your pass or let your buddy take a sip of the drink, your privilege will be immediately revoked.

The menu artwork was designed the talent Bianca Maria Fiorentino with her friend Valeria Cardea contributing the beautiful text to accompany the drinks. Here we find ourselves learning from plants, in particular, in how they can solve every day problems such as bypassing lineups at the grocery store or strategies for efficiently cleaning your house. I had the good fortune of translating Valeria’s brilliant words to English.

Folded up and unfolded menu (playing board side). Photos by Shane

Folded up and unfolded menu (playing board side). Photos by Shane


Without a doubt, the highlight of the night was Pomi D’Ottone e Manici di Scopa with Opihr gin, Amara Rossa, Lemon juice, Mango Chutney and a Curry rim. Take a sip first from the clean side of the rim, and then from the curry rim side. You will be blown away by the difference the curry can make, which creates a perfect balance to this cocktail with oriental spicy notes.

The drink offers the following advice: “Not enough time to clean your house? Monstera Deliciosa suggests using a mop rather than a rag, to reach every angle in the least time possible. She jagged her own leaves so as to fill every hole in her house and get as much light as possible.”

Pomi D’Ottone e Manici di Scopa. Photos by  Anastasia

Pomi D’Ottone e Manici di Scopa. Photos by Anastasia

Another lovely drink was the Una Geometria al Servizio del Caos, a spicy meet up between a Dark and Stormy and a Moscow Mule with Spiced rum, Passion fruit, Lime juice, Wasabi and Ginger beer. “Some flowers study for hours on how to gather and to maximize the space in the bud. They exploit physics, engineering, architecture to fold themselves in an impeccable way. You can do the same when you prepare your luggage – fold your leaves according to their fabric or following the seams, in a such a way that you create a perfect tetris.”

We look forward to trying the other drinks on the list, and of course unlocking the secret cocktail! Congrats Yuri, Irene, Bianca and Valeria for this original and exciting menu.

Una Geometria al Servizio del Caos. Photo by  Anastasia

Una Geometria al Servizio del Caos. Photo by Anastasia

Photos by  Anastasia

Photos by Anastasia

More photos by Shane

Bianca and Valeria with playing board

Bianca and Valeria with playing board

Pomi D’Ottone e Manici di Scopa

Pomi D’Ottone e Manici di Scopa

Bianca, Valeria and Yuri.

Bianca, Valeria and Yuri.

Paolo and Martina

Paolo and Martina