Trastevere (Rome) / by shane eaton

On a morning walk today, I discovered that Trastevere is my favorite quarter in Italy. Historic buildings, winding and narrow cobblestone streets, crumbling buildings, majestic churches, historic bars, and the best cacio e pepe on the planet. When I am in Trastevere, I put away my map and just try to get lost, following random paths in the hope of discovering a new park, cafe or vista.

In Trastevere, I feel serene, as if I am protected by an unseen force. Even when the quarter becomes lively at night with its many great bars and restaurants, Trastevere feels just right, like my home away from home. As such, I feel this neighborhood warrants its own article on the blog. Below you will find some on my favorite sights, food and drink in this captivating part of Rome.

I will continue adding photos as I explore Trastevere.



Eating - Roma Sparita


Drinking - La Punta, Freni e Frizioni, Ma Che Siete Venuti a Fa'