Edgardo Umeres, Nordic Peruvian cuisine / by shane eaton

As part of the Peru feeds your soul initiative for EXPO 2015, a nice show-cooking & tasting event was held at MUDEC in Via Tortona with Peruvian chef Edgardo Umeres. Edgardo described how his cuisine is based on Peruvian roots but also heavily influenced by Scandinavia, since he has lived there for the past 20 years. He travels often, allowing him to try many different world cuisines and incorporating them in his original "Nordic Peruvian" cuisine. Although now he spends more time collaborating and consulting with restaurants, he cherishes his experience as head chef at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm, which allowed him to perfect his eclectic cooking methods.  The three dishes he presented in Milano were all delicious, with complex but fresh flavors with a hint of spiciness. As a protein base, he often used quinoa, which is a delicious grain from Peru and Bolivia. 

The plates included

1. Consommé of pisco with marrow.

2. Herring marinated in wild garlic and wood sorrel, tiger's milk (leche de tigre)

3. Fried herring with emulsion of dill and horseradish, berries, peperoncino peppers, and a cream of artichoke with liquorice

Chef Edgardo Umeres

Typical fresh and km zero ingredients used by Edgardo

Herring marinated in leche de tigre and wild garlic on quinoa

Fried herring  with emulsion of dill and horseradish, berries, peperoncino, and a cream of artichoke with liquorice on quinoa

Also included in the tasting was a delicious Pisco Sour, the sour and refreshing Peruvian cocktail that is great for the hot summer weather.

Pisco sour