Toney / by shane eaton

I first met Toney 8 years back when we shared an office together at Politecnico di Milano. Since then he's become one of my closest friends. 

When Toney came back to Milano after stints in Spain and England, I was ecstatic. The life of the party was finally back in my city. :) About a year back, Toney decided to up his photography game and bought a Nikon D750. Shortly thereafter we realized it would be awesome to team up for the blog. Since Toney has joined, the quality of photos has improved dramatically on questamiamilano. It's also been fun to cover events together like Aperitivi e Co, EXPO 2015, menu launches at Pinch and MAG, Whisky night at the Pub, and the various restaurant openings like Marghe and Sorbillo. 

Here are a few of my favorite pics Toney has snapped since joining Questa Mia (Nostra) Milano.