Harmonia del Gusto / by shane eaton

Thanks to DUEL, I had to opportunity to attend Harmonia del Gusto, an awesome aperitivo organized by talented food bloggers in collaboration with posdesign. The event was held in the "Food Pornography" space in Via Valtellina in the Isola district of Milano.

The dishes were inspired by recipes in the books "La maga delle spezie" by Chitra Divakaruni, "Café Babilonia" by Marsha Mehran, "L'assaggiatrice" by Giuseppina Torregrossa, "A neve ferma" by Stefania Bertola and "Affari di cuore" by Nora Ephron.

The dishes included a pomegranate soup by Daniela of Pentagrammi di Farina, a flavorful caponata by Elena of @igersreggioemilia, a refreshing key lime pie by Dealma of La Via Macrobiotica and a healthy and tasty chick pea soup by Barbara of Son nata Paperoga and a delicious cake made with ginger, almonds and coffee by the adorable Francesca of TimoT'amo. I was happy to try the healthy but delicious vegetarian dishes - a well needed break from my typical diet of pizza and pasta!

I thoroughly enjoyed all the dishes but if I had to pick a favorite it would be Daniela's pomegranate soup because of its very unique flavor contrasts.