El Copitas visits 1930 / by shane eaton

Yesterday after Agave Experience, Nikolay Kiselev and Artem Peruk of El Copitas bar stopped by 1930 for an awesome guest shift sponsored by Tequila Fortaleza, Bruxo Mezcal and Pescador de Sueños Mezcal.

Based in St. Petersburg, Russia, El Copitas is "small bar with simple food and nice collection of mexican drinks that is really hard to find." Check out their Instagram page for photos of the dope bar. Nikolay and Artem brought four delicious agave-based cocktails for the guest shift at 1930 Milano.

My favorite was the refreshingly sour Arandas Sour with tequila, agave syrup, lemon juice, aronia juice, and smoked egg white with a crusta of dehydrated pomegranate and sugar dust.


The best seller on the night was the seductive Naughty Sazerac with tequila, mezcal, nutty salty syrup, hazelnut bitters and a dash of absinthe.


Las Perlas with tequila infused with smoked pear, dry vermouth, pear liqueur and mezcal. 




Tepache paloma with tequila, campari, sugar syrup, lemon juice and soda pineapple tepache.



Photos of Artem and Nikolay